Inside Wuhan

Michael Vuscan's soundtrack for the documentary Inside Wuhan- Brodcasted on CTV- Bell Media- W5 prime time slot broadcasting.

Milions of viewers watched the inside perspecthive of the pandemic epicenter in the chinese city of Wuhan!

Soundtrack available on all online platforms!


Screen Shot 2017 10 28 at 12 25 10 PM       GAME CHANGERS, a feature documentary from Ballinran Entertainment in association with Monkey Time Media. Legendary host Alex Trebek takes viewers on an extraordinary ride through the world of television game shows, past and present. 


 The Truth is in the Stars' with William Shatner premieres March 19th on The Movie Network. Soundtrack & sound design by Michael.

The Truth is in The Stars is on Netflix


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"Mehta’s background in photography is evident in the doc’s stunning look, not just in the close-ups of a beautiful celebrity face, but in stolen glimpses of Mumbai’s street kids and the working conditions of Sunny's harried costume designer. Nothing is overemphasized, yet it all makes a subtle impact, like Michael Vuscan’s excellent, classy score."

                                                                                                                            Hollywood Reporter



Mostly sunny 2


Mostly Sunny premiere on HBO 

Mostly Sunny available on Netflix


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