Michael Vuscan became interested in music from an early age when he begun studies in music, composition and sound design. In 90's  started to perform in important clubs and festivals. Being attracted by the expressionism he started to produce music combining contrasting elements from classic, jazz, pop, rock, world, electronic, and neoclassical music. Different lines of composing co-exist in Michael Vuscan's music, european minimalism  philosophy as well the world of surrealismIn 2001 his  career as a musician opened to new directions and his work includes now influences from world, psychadelic, punk, rock and electronica estabilis him in the music business industry as a record producer/ songwriter/ composer. Michael's portfolio includes soundtracks for contemporary dance, ballet, radio theater, documentary and short films. Michael became one of the usual artists on the stages and he founded, played and had regular gigs with several successful bands as Jais, Jazz Credit, Funkin le Free, Burning Table  participated to music festivals, and developed a career as musician, releasing albums.  He was signed by A&A (Warner License) in Europe, and  Roton (BMG) and composed and produced top chart songs. Heavy rotation spin on radio, running video clips in the audiences' tops became magazine covers and editorials stars, had interviews to the major music media. He got nominations for, MTV Europe, MCM, ATOMIC. In 2002 he moved to Toronto, Canada to pursue his dream to compose music for films and documentaries where he started to work with big broadcasters like HBO, History Channel, E Channel, TMN, Netflix as a composer and sound designer.