The film follows the lives of three men found in the forgotten cemetery - George Bennett, Jan Ziolko and Frederick Davis - and examines the history of the Don Jail, capital punishment in Canada and the nation's most feared hangman, Arthur Ellis.The film has been well received and enjoyed expansive media coverage prior to its release. Featured articles appeared in the Toronto Sun  and Toronto Star  as well as a featured report on Global News. The Globe and Mail selected it as a Critic's Pick and warned audiences to "Prepare to feel goose bumps while watching this snapshot of dark Toronto history."  The Toronto Star claimed that the "Documentary `tingles the spine' with tale of 15 men executed at jail and buried there" and selected it as part of its TV tonight: Five Worth Watching series. Victoria Ahearn of the Canadian Press also selected the program as recommended viewing in her weekly Tube Talk article. Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun wrote that the film unearths a "fascinating piece of T.O.'s past.

Executive Producer Craig Thompson, Producer Daniel Thompson, Director Mick Grogan, Music Michael Vuscan, Cinematography- Michael Savoie, Decebal Dascau,Sabre Wallker, Original network-History Television (Canada).